Eva ist gebürtige Ungarin, lebt und lehrt Tantra arbeitet in Deutschland, England,  Spanien, Dubai, Italien und Griechenland. Eva hat eine fundierte Ausbildung.   Während ihrer Tantra Massage Rituale konzentriert sie sich auf sexuelle Heilung, wo man Scham, Angst, Schuld oder vergangene Trauma rund um Sexualität auflösen kann.

Eva originally graduated from Counselling and since then haven't stopped to widen her knowledge about people and sexuality. She took tantra courses from different teachers around the word and recently completed the ISTA Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Practitioner training. 

She learned different bodyworks (deep tissue massage, Thai massage, reflexology...) to ensure her touch is experienced and pleasurable. During her work she focuses on sexual healing where you can dissolve shame, fear, guilt or past trauma around sexuality. She works with both men and women.  

For men is a honouring and nurturing experience which can help immensely to let go and rejuvenate. For women the sessions are respectful with a hold sacred space for experience and expression. For both sex is a help to step into your power and getting in touch with your life force.

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Gäste schreiben zu Eva:

Dear Eva,

It has been a few days since our remarkable massage-session last tuesday. I can still feel the tension and exitement of what happened and I am glad it did. The fact that you could "surrender" yourself to me as I could to you is perhaps the way tantra is supposed to work. I am not that often in the Frankfurt area and you as I understand live most of the time in Greece so it is not likely that we meet again soon. That is why I write these few words and speak out a sincere Thank you!

Love and all the best,


Hi Eva,

I thank you for this unique massage. I felt very comfortable. You were very gentle with me. And I felt as if you knew what I feel at this moment. I still feel happy now. I also found it interesting what you are doing everything at your School of FreeFlow.

I shall return.

Best wishes,


Dear Eva,

thank you for the wonderfull time and sensual experience today in Offenbach - I loved and enjoyed our session so much - I send you love and light with this mantra:


I will be glad to hear from you.

Namasté O."


I just wanted to pas on my profound gratitude to Eva for a wonderful massage this morning.  The whole experience was sublime, and has restored my faith completely.  Please pass on my kind regards and best wishes to her.  She is a truly remarkable and gifted person and I shall not forget such a special moment for a long time to come.

Thanks again



back home with a delightful memory of our visit to Offenbach.

Stephanie was delighted with her gift.

A big thank you to Eva, who gave me a delicious moment, full of sensuality, wellness and tenderness.


Hope to visit you as soon as possible.

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